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4 thoughts on “Giveaways

  1. Mr. Ritchey, I was just surfing around the net, saving pictures of angels…since I became interested in them when I had a brain aneurism several years ago. No, I didn’t see any at that time, but I have been spoken to before by a male angel and been given visions of future events that ended up saving my life on very many occasions. And I have a witness to all these accounts! I never was able to follow my obsession with angels until after the aneurism because I worked all the time away from home. The brain aneurism left me crippled…I had to learn how to do everything all over again…I do mean everything! Anyway, I ran up on your site and I am very interested in your book and since that’s all I do is read and play on this thing, I would very much like to read it. I will look for it at the local library, which is where I buy my books for 50 cents a piece. I guess I sound stingy but being on disability is not what it’s all cracked up to be. It would be nice to win your raffle.
    Yours Very Sincerely,
    Kaye D. Duke

    P. S. I forgot to mention, I learned to do MOST things again…I can’t walk too good. I have no balance and I tend to fall a lot, which doesn’t hurt too bad since I still have not regain much feeling on any of my right side or below my waist and my feet are paralyzed. Didn’t mean to whine. K

  2. I’ve read a lot of reviews of The Never Prayer, and EVERYONE says the book is GREAT and the author is new but they can’t wait until he writes another book…he has such great talent! One review said that from the moment the reader picked up the book, she couldn’t put it down. From the first page. Now that’s what I like!!! A book that grabs me from the first page and holds me throughout. That’s what they are saying about Mr. Aaron Ritchey’s book ‘The Never Prayer’. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading it yet…but I will. So as soon as I do…my review will be forthwith coming! And if all the others are any indication of Mr. Ritchey’s ability, I’ve got a feeling…I’ll have plenty of good things to say about his writing, too. I know I’m not a big critic and nobody cares what I’ve got to say about a book, but I read about, I don’t know, probably somewhere around three books a week…sometimes more…mostly more. Figure it up. I do know my books!!! I’m just not a professional. But I have read a few things Mr. Ritchey has written…little short essays and he has talent! Now let me see if I can get this to Face book. Kaye D. Duke

  3. P. S. I’m still looking for that look Mr. Ritchey. I’ll send you the money when I get it. I promise!!! But from the sound of those reviews, I’ve just got to have it one way or the other. I’m desperate now…I’m gonna have to get Buddy to get out to find it for me. I’ve got to have it. Kaye

  4. Oop!!! I’m still looking for that BOOK!!! Not look. I must not have been awake yet. But I’ve got to have it!!! I’ve read too many good reviews about it now and it sounds too good to pass up. You do, too. I meant to tell you. I’m married, but you look like such a sweet, kind man and if you aren’t married, you should be. You have kind eyes. And I learned years ago that a man with kind eyes is a good man and is worth having and will not turn into a monster after a year or so after you marry them. Some men will. I know. I learned that the hard way!!! And I sure hope this doesn’t go on Face Book. I sent the rest of the stuff to face book because I wanted them to know about your book. I hope I did it right. I’ve never sent anything to face book before. Kaye

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