The Never Prayer




Torn between her love for an Angel and a Demon, Lena thinks she knows the difference between Heaven’s Fury and Hell’s Desire. She never had a prayer…

Magdalena Marquez is a teen-aged girl struggling with adult responsibilities and choices. She knows right from wrong, but realizes that with her back against the wall and her brother’s life on the line the division isn’t as black and white as she wants it to be. Forced to choose between an angel and a demon, Lena must first confront her own broken dreams and allow herself to find hope again before she is stripped of all she loves.

When do we struggle to change the world? When do we let go and embrace life’s broken beauty?

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The Never Prayer fact sheet:
Young Adult paranormal romance
272 Pages
Black Arrow Publishing (2nd edition May 2015)
ISBN-Print:  978-0-9861845-2-9
ISBN-E:  978-0-9861845-3-6
Available in e-books and trade paperback formats

One thought on “The Never Prayer

  1. I couldn’t put in down…finished it in one day…of course, you know, that’s all I have to do. Unless I commit suicide, that is. Just kidding…maybe.

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