Praise for The Never Prayer:

This book was full of wonderful writing and the story was amazing! I loved this
one! I recommend The Never Prayer to anyone who likes paranormal or even dark gritty YA contemporary romance.

Aaron Michael Ritchey writes with a poetic grace that reminds me of a young Ray
The Never Prayer has the same haunting and timeless spirit of
Something Wicked This Way Comes. I highly recommend this novel. Just make sure
you give yourself some reading time once you begin, because you won’t want to
put it down.

–Bonnie Ranthum, author of The White Gates, a Junior Library Guild premiere selection

Beautiful writing and a story of courage, hope, and unselfish love mark this as a not-to-be-missed debut from an exceptionally gifted new talent. I look forward to more
from Aaron Ritchey.
–Jeanne C. Stein, bestselling author of the Anna Strong chronicles

An engrossing supernatural smackdown between good and evil.
— Mario Acevedo, bestselling author of the Felix Gomez Vampire series

The prose is pitch perfect and captures the feeling of loneliness and despair so
many of us feel at different times in our lives when we think there must be
demons lurking everywhere. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that where
there are demons, there are angels too, and that all we might really need is a
little push to help us break the cycle.
–Michael Haspil

The Never Prayer is a bundle of tightly woven, perfectly balanced contradictions
and high stakes gambles.
–Bree Ervin

It was refreshing to read a YA tale that held fast to reality in all of the important ways while keeping a non-supernatural-guy hooked and hooked some more with the most likely of all “supernatural” realities. I am inspired to pray again and to “march for good.”
-Robert Hultman

One thought on “Reviews

  1. Looks like you wrote a smashing good book, Aaron. A lot of good reviews so it must be great…congratulations, Precious. Oooo…maybe I shouldn’t have called you Precious. I didn’t ask if you were married. It doesn’t matter. I’m happily married. I just always use terms of endearment to anyone I’m talking to (I’m from the South…does that explain it?) I’ve never been a waitress, though. You know, you always see waitresses from the South using those words in movies. And they always sound so sickening…over done. We don’t sound that way in real life…at least I hope not. Any way, your book sounds simply GREAT…I’ve got to look it up. I can’t drive because of my legs, but I’ll get my husband to go look for me. Aaron, weren’t you going to send me your book on Angels and Demons, the one you said would surprise me? This is the one, isn’t it? Everyone is praising it!!! It must be great!!! I keep getting my husband to rush to the mailbox everyday to get the mail, hoping it will be there…but no such luck. If you send it to me and let me know the cost, I’ll send you the money for it, I promise I will. And I don’t make idle promises, Aaron. When I say, I will, I will. Just let me know…OK? I have nothing to do but type on this thing and read. That’s all I CAN do, because of my legs. And your book sounds like a WINNER!!! I didn’t really take it seriously until I read all these reviews and then I realized…hey this man has got talent…real talent…not just gabbing on the laptop type talent…you wrote a book, Aaron. A good book. I want to read it. I told you, I’d get it somehow…You said you’d send it to me…where is it? Did it get lost in the mail? I’ll call the post office! I’ll be nice. I’ll just ask if maybe it fell down between the desk somewhere and if they’ll look for me? Sometimes that’s what happens to mail and they don’t know to look. Or they don’t look. Anyway, I’ll be nice. I’ll say Precious. Kaye

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