Impossible Vacations

In Elizabeth’s Midnight, Elizabeth has an impossible journey to France. This is a list of impossible dream travels or vacations from readers and fans:

  • A camping trip to Greenland! The wilds of northern Alaska would probably do, because who doesn’t like a tundra?
  • Before I die, I want to walk on the continent of Antarctica!
  • A trip to Japan, South Korea, and China, and Boston, MA
  • Going to Japan
  • A trip to Russia and Germany to find my roots
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • A trip to London, England
  • A trip to Rome, Dublin, and Iceland
  • New Zealand to write in peace
  • European Trip
  • Week in Ibiza
  • Back to New Zealand
  • Argentina/Chile
  • Italy/Paris
  • New Zealand
  • Pyramids of Sudan
  • Ankor Watt
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Scottland and Any Ocean
  • Mars
  • Antarctica
  • Sydney Opera House (without having to fly)
  • Paris and Bicycling the Durdoyne Region of Southern France
  • Trinity College
  • Patagonia
  • Summer in Greece
  • The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
  • Around the World Cruise
  • Two Week Writing Retreat in Ireland
  • Parthenon in Athens
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand and Australia
  • Australia – the area, the beauty, the men!
  • Paris, the city of love, and it will be worth it!

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