Hello all you happy people,

Well, I would’ve posted this last night but I chatted in the parking lot with Jennifer, Shannon Lawrence and John K Patterson.  I love talking in parking lots in the cold.  No, really.  You see, if we had gone to a restaurant, I probably would have bowed out since I needed to drive home.  But in the parking lot, well, I was always about to leave.  You know how I am.

So I got home about midnight, slept a bit, and here I am.

Thanks to all the PPW and Colorado Springs people for making it such a great night.

Attached are my power point slides!  Resolved to Write -The Body and Soul of Writing 2013-01-15  Click the blue!

Here’s the gorgeous audience!

A Great Pack of Writers





And thanks to the gorgeous Ellis for masterminding the event!  I wouldn’t have been there if not for her.

Ellis and Me





My next event is at the Southglenn Library for Zenith Writers, February 6, 2013.  I’ll be talking about first chapter, first page, first paragraph, first sentence.  Hook me!

Abandoned Blog

I open the door to my blog, and of course the door opens with a creeeaaakkkkkk.  I step onto the dusty floor.


Bats flutter in the attic.  Mice creep in the attic.  Ragged drapes hang lifeless next to  broken-glass windows.

I creak a foot onto the floor.  More creaking.  I walk into the middle of my blog.

“Hey!  Where is everybody?”

I just gotta sigh.  Okay, okay, I’ll clean the place up.  Maybe I’ll do an Elmo theme.  Red furry monsters everywhere.

Or Steampunk.  I can hang goggles and complicated brass contraptions everywhere.  What would a steampunk beanbag look like?  What’s that outside the window?  A dirigible?

Or I could do a Doctor Who theme.  I still have my Tom Baker era scarf.  Throw in a blue couch and drag in my life-size replica of the Tardis, and we’d be set.

I gotta do something, right?  I mean, I can’t just let my blog go to waste, can I?

No, an abandoned blog is a sorrowful thing.  January 2013, I promise.  I promise.  I promise.