Heavenly Fridays: Angels Are Selling My Book, Part II

I have a day job. I take pictures of that masked vigilante Spiderman, and sell them to a big newspaper operated by a blow-hard with three names that all begin with the letter “j.” No wait, let’s back up. Or go forward.

I have a day job. This job involves software and supporting that software. I can’t say much else because my headquarters in Raccoon City is very tight on security and I could get into trouble. Not that our software will cause the zombie apocalypse, no, it’s not like that. Wait! Did I go forwards or backwards in this paragraph? Kinda’ hard to tell.

I’ll keep on going. At my day job, working on self-aware software that we are calling Skynet, well, sometimes things can get a little hairy. A little chaotic. A little difficult. Nuclear war, Armageddon It, that kind of thing. When the manure hits the blast fan, that’s when friends are made and our true natures are revealed. That’s when you can make war buddies.
I have a war buddy from a particularly hard software explosion and her name is Lori Daniels. “L” to the “D.” And she bought my book, and I love what she wrote, “I’m reading it slow because I don’t want it to end.” Now, that is high praise.

She asked me for a signed copy and she was all set to write me a check. I feel bad about selling my books to friends, I really do, and I feel especially bad when they are my old war buddies. So I said, “Lori, I’ll send you a free copy if you can get five of your friends to buy the ebook on kindle, nook, kobo, whatever e-platform you can hit with a credit card.”

She agreed. She got the book. I got some eprint sales.

Now, knowing Lori, she took five of her friends out, got them liquored up, and then grabbed them and threatened them with bodily harm if they didn’t do exactly as she said. That LD, she has a way about her. She talks. People listen. She’s as tough as nails. I won’t change the cliché because the cliché is dead on.

So this post is to thank Lori Daniels, another warrior, another angel, out there selling my book. Again, the only way I am ever going to have a career writing is if people help me get my name out there. Alone, I can do nothing. With help, great things can happen. Monumental things.

And if you can get five friends to buy the ebook, you’ll get your own signed copy and a pint of my blood. Okay, not a pint, but I’ll send you my blood if you want. As long as you aren’t an evil sorcerer. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Thanks, Lori!