Long Live the Suicide King Cover Reveal

It’s here! The final, real, honest-to-goodness cover for Long Live the Suicide King! I’m so excited to give you a glimpse. Aaron Ritchey Full LLTSK Front and BackAnd, in case you’re not excited about this book yet, I’ve got a few more surprises for you:

The launch party! April 3 at Hanson’s Grill and Tavern. Be there. (Get the details and RSVP.)

Giveaways! I’m giving away a signed copy of the Advanced Reader’s Copy on Goodreads. You can score a copy with a totally different cover than everyone else. And if you prefer ebooks, I’m also giving away five copies of the ebook on LibraryThings. So enter and try to win. It’ll be worth it. Promise.

19 Reasons Why You Should Hit My Goodreads Giveaway to try and win a copy of my debut novel, The Never Prayer

19 Reasons Why You Should Hit My Goodreads Giveaway to try and win a copy of my debut novel, The Never Prayer.

1) Because Sam and Dean Winchester would probably pay you a visit to thank you. They’ll be shirtless.

2) Every time you hold a new copy of The Never Prayer, an angel gets their wings.

3) The more copies you have of The Never Prayer increases your relative holiness by 1000 percent.

4) I use lots of cool words, organized into paragraphs, set up on pages.

5) If you do wind up in hell, you can fan yourself with a copy of my book.

6) God loves people who read The Never Prayer. He loves people who don’t, but He REALLY loves people who read my book.

7) In the book, near the end, I have a Scooby Gang going to save the day, ala Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

8) Chris Devlin recommends The Never Prayer for people who love Supernatural, especially the Castiel years.

9) After reading my book, you will know the difference between a demon and an angel. Besides the halos and horns, I mean. They can hide those, you know.

10) Halloween is coming up and you might need a good book to read if you get scared. Or to scare you.

11) The world ends December 21, 2012. You’ll be kicking yourself in the afterlife if you’ve not read my book.

12) After the apocalypse, you’ll need something to start a fire with.

13) There’s drug addicts in The Never Prayer. Everyone likes drug addicts.

14) There’s atheists in The Never Prayer. Everyone likes atheists.

15) Filipino teens think the guys in The Never Prayer are hot.

16) One of my eighty-year-old nun friends hated The Never Prayer. The other of my eighty-year-old nun friends loved it. If you know an eighty-year-old nun, you can give them the book and I can get a tie-breaker.

17) Most people who read The Never Prayer cry at some point. Some even in the right spots.

18) In The Never Prayer, I mention Battlestar Galactica. Best. Show. Ever.

19) Free is free. Everyone likes free.