Mondays Are Hell – Demons Murder Change

Why is it that when we want to make the most dramatic changes in our lives something happens to tempt us to turn tail and flee back into our shells?

It’s eerie, and I think it’s why people have assumed there was an evil Prince of Darkness, in capital letters, trying to destroy us with a host of demons and hexes.

For example, I had an overweight friend in college, and he knew that his quality of life and longevity were at risk and so he decided to start exercising and watching what he ate. Not dieting, but just being aware of what he was eating.

Three days into his big change, he fell and broke most of the bones in his feet which stopped the exercise and he was so distraught about the injury he fell off his food plan and the change was destroyed. Demons. Demons caught up with him and killed his change.

I know so many addicts and alcoholics who when they tried to stop drinking or using, a month into their sobriety, they lost their job, or their spouse left them, or all hell broke loose in their lives.

Demons. What other answer is there?

It certainly makes sense. But maybe it’s not demons. Maybe in times of personal crisis, when things are at a breaking point, the change comes too late and what was already dangling, snaps off.

For example, my overweight buddy was messing around climbing on some rocks, slipped because he lost his grip and hurt himself. If he had been in better shape, would he have slipped? If he hadn’t already been so heavy, would he have fallen and would the damage have been as great?

Change is necessary, but dangerous. It’s like Tennyson’s “Lady of Shallot.” Leaving her castle, she dies. To live is to die.

So blaming the demons is fine, but even when adversity hits during a time of change, you still have to soldier on. Change in spite of the demons. My friend could have continued to exercise by lifting weights or doing other things that didn’t put weight on his injured foot.

The lesson is this—always keep hope in your heart. Demons hate hope. Like I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Well, not you, but the quote from Shakespeare was cool.

Love that Shakespeare. There was a guy who knew a thing or two about demons.